Relaxed Classics

Ukrainian architects Tatiana Dmitrenko and Vitaliy Dorokhov conducted delicate reconstruction of the interior of an old apartment in the center of Kiev.

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In practice, architects reconstruction is a quite often seen phenomenon. So it was with the case of the flat. Family of three people approached us with a request to breathe new life into existing walls. The inhabitants of the apartment like warmth, comfort and privacy. These concepts are actually made up of a new ideology of the interior.
The area of the flat is 100 m2. In case of the plan of the apartment, flat introduce itself as an elongated corridor with non- parallel walls on which are «strung» all of rooms. Hallway turning into the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and room for children. In that interior, comfort combined with grandeur. Emphasis is placed on the high openings with massive cornices as it can be seen from the plan and the location of the apartment during different time of the day.
Entrance hall, hallway and living room are completely in the shadow of constant daylight which still strengthens the magnificent Square. House plan partly resembles the layout of 30 Royal Crescent, London.
London was our stylistic starting point and this intuitive motive was the very begining of the selection of wallpaper which combines beige and light greenish colours which also evoke texture of scottish plaid referring to Ralph Lauren Home. Due to the fact that for the walls were selected light shades (entrance hall, lounge, dining room and kitchen), dark shades dominate in terracotta, chestnut, auburn and cinnamon bedroom while white colour covers the nursery. Doors, portals and cornices are painted in bright colors. Tonal basis of decisions of each room is a balance between the ratio of the brightness and rich juicy tones. Turquoise, emerald, jade colours can be seen in decorative elements of furniture and other objects of interior.
Selection of decorative patterns is purely personal area and is entirely based on what
you like or do not like. Many of these issues arose in mind of flat owner. What decision to take, and what pattern will take it place discovers all the advantages of the room. Large and fractional figure zooms perception walls in space, breaking and sophisticated unsurpast geometry of the walls in the plan.

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