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Project LUXURY PASTELS designed by Vinctoriya Faynblat

Project LUXURY PASTELS designed by Vinctoriya Faynblat ( https://buro-faynblat.com )

Stylish, elaborate one. Perfect white color become dominant in this interior. White is always luxurious: in upholstery, in delicate textiles, a wall decoration. Additionally, each shade is in harmony with others giving a space some volume. Light warm tone gives the interior a necessary but moderate comfort and warmth. If to talk about delivery stylistics, that is harmonic interweaving of styles such as Art Deco. There was a place for both classics and glamor in this fascinating space. The whole flat is marked off into functional areas, which are, however, organic parts of a single dwelling.

In order to maintain a smooth flow of the space, a private bedroom was decided to zone using a decorated partition, which is decorated with splendid mosaic mural. Furniture throughout the apartment is chosen according to the defined style of Art Deco. The bathroom which looks like a rich restroom of eastern lady deserves close attention. As the finish, it is used natural marble, which is very well complements the mosaic mural. Large round bath bowl is placed on the podium decorated with golden illuminated mosaics.

The entire interior of this wonderful apartment actually deserves attention – like a fairy princess’ room that enjoys all the pleasures of her life.
And proper and harmonious zoning, talented decoration, and very innovative approach to the designing of space proves the professionalism and courage of the landlords.

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Tassone House designed by Baldasso Cortese

Designed by Baldasso Cortese, this clean and uncompromised project is a series of spaces that help the building utilise a small site. A palette of natural materials and large expanses of glass help the building “dissolve” into the garden. While all extraneous elements have been meticulously integrated into the building fabric to create simple and strong forms without compromising functionality. Photographer: Peter Clarke Photography.

Tassone House designed by Baldasso Cortese 1

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Panamby Apartment designed by Diego Revollo

This apartment with 170 square meters was designed by Diego Revollo and is located in Panamby, a premium neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil.

Panamby Apartment designed by Diego Revollo 1

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The Tropical House designed by Hiren Patel Architects

Private residence “The Tropical House” designed by Hiren Patel Architects .  Located in Veraval, Gujarat, India.

The Tropical House by Hiren Patel Architects 1

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Mountain Guest House designed by Dom Arquitectura

Mountain Guest House located in Barcelona , Spain. Designed by Dom Arquitectura . It covers an area of 65 m2.

Mountain Guest House designed by Dom Arquitectura 1

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Alexandra Residence designed by Naturehumaine

Live/work “Alexandra Residence” house designed by Naturehumaine . Located in Alexandra Ave, Montreal, Canada. Covers an area of 3300 sqft.

Alexandra Residence designed by Naturehumaine 1

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Tree House designed by MF Architecture

Private residence “Tree House” designed by MF Architecture. Located in Austin, Texas, USA. Covers an area of 257 sqm. Photography: Brian Mihealsick, Bryant Hill, Twist Tours

Tree House designed by MF Architecture 1

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