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One Tree Hill designed by ONG&ONG

One Tree Hill is a contemporary house designed by ONG&ONG and is located in Singapore. This house at One Tree Hill is designed to cater to the homeowner’s unique needs. The architectural layout includes a double volume space in the living area that opens out into a beautiful garden and water feature.

One Tree Hill designed by ONG&ONG 1

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59BTP-House designed by ONG&ONG

59BTP-House is a contemporary house designed by ONG&ONG and is located in Singapore.

59BTP-House designed by ONG&ONG 2

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Singapore Booking.com’s office by ONG&ONG group

International hotel booking site, Booking.com’s Singapore office designed by SCA design Pte Ltd (a member of the ONG&ONG group) promises to be an inspiration to its employees and clients alike. Given its line of business, the company deals with various destinations and cultures‚ of which not single one could adequately represent the entire operation as a whole.

Thus, the design concept for their Singapore office embraces this diversity by theming areas of the office according to different local places and assigning them fun tag lines. The idea was to create a vibrant workspace that could be both interactive as well as socially engaging.
There are different spaces for different activities, such as learning, working, eating or playing. Despite the demarcation of space, connectivity and interaction were key requirements for the client. In order to meet these specifications, collaboration hubs were placed in highly visible and central areas within the office. Additionally, the office was designed to maximise natural light entering the workplace, while the layout was left flexible enough to allow for the company’s future expansion plans.
With its quirkiness as well as its functional design, this is a memorable office where both employees and visitors can feel at ease.
Photographer: Jaume Albert Marti

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