Portugal Casa do Pego by Pedro Ferreira Pinto


Casa do Pego is a luxury villa designed by Pedro Ferreira Pinto and is located in Comporta, Portugal. Unique modern design, that rises from the sand dunes  a few meters away from the best portuguese beach – Praia do Pego. Casa do Pego features a nearby golf course, a private sunny terrace with heated swimming pool, a garden and interior courtyard for total privacy and relax. ​

Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-1 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-2 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-3 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-4 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-5 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-6 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-7 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-8 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-9 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-11 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-12 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-10 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-13 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-14 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-15 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-16 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-17 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-18 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-19 Casa-do-Pego-by-Pedro-Ferreira-Pinto-20


It has a unique, clean architectural design where concrete, large glass windows, pine wood decks and terrace blend perfectly. This 265 square meter house accomodates 6 people and has:
– 1 master suite and 2 double bedrooms
(Suitable for 3 couples. Opcional toddler bed available)
– 3 bathrooms (two with shower)
– 60 square meter living-room with flat-screen television, suspended gyrofocus fireplace, amazing views and sea and nature sounds on the large front deck.
– heated floor all over the house
– 30 square meter kitchen, fully equipped with top-end appliances, with a central cooking isle. Dining area with table for eight, facing the 46 square meters interior patio.
Casa do Pego also has a fully equipped laundry room, Nespresso coffee machine and griller on the outside.


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